• LAZERLOVE5 “The Sun and the 2nd Planet” 2001

    Departing from the quirky influences of the Monochrome Set and diving head 1st into a Cafe del Mar album that could perhaps feature both Slowdive and Robyn Hitchcock.
  • LAZERLOVE5 “Lady Bottle Opener” 2012

    Lyrical juxtaposition, rock art pop. Guest appearances by Bid of The Monochrome Set & Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat. The 3rd Lazerlove5 album inspires catchy pop songs often about odd subjects such as a song about Philip Marlowe (or Humphrey Bogart) living in the 1990s speaking Chinese. The songs cross new wave with art rock laced lyrics of imagery. From beautiful violins in When I See You to synth bass and CR78 Drums in Mr. Philip Marlowe to 12 string electric guitar in Flow, this album has it all. Time changes, nice harmonies and tricky production keeps repeated listens interesting.
  • LAZERLOVE5 “Flicker Mask” 2005

    This review does a better job of describing this album than we ever could: But, here's some more info on this slice of perfect pop: Flicker Mask marks the return of influences on Lazerlove5, reaching back to such pop acts as The Monochrome Set and The Soft Boys. In May of 2004, Bid of The Monochrome Set visited Ohio where Lazerlove5 acted as Bid's backing band for 2 exclusive shows playing Monochrome Set and Scarlet's Well songs. In return Bid contributed vocals and guitar to two songs on Flicker Mask. Matthew Seligman, legendary bassist of the Soft Boys, Thomas Dolby, David Bowie and Snail (among many other bands) contributed a bassline on the song Still. He also played the moog source on Little Aliens.
  • PEAT MOSS Moustache Vending Machine

    Upbeat, catchy and a taste for the practical, but with an absurd twist in both theme and lyric which range from sci-fi to borderline 'grown-up' children songs. Studio clever production spiced with vintage keyboards, acoustic guitar and CR78 drum machine.