Randy’s Dabit Tool Kit with Pad

///Randy’s Dabit Tool Kit with Pad
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Dabit Tool

  • Three dabit tools
  • Tools magnetically attach to plate
  • Stainless steel plate and patented grind surface
  • Food grade silicone case
  • Engraved randy’s logo

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Product Description:
Randy’s Dabit Card is a dependable, multi purpose dab tool. Three detachable dab tools come with your dabit card, therefore you will have a tool for any situation. Rather than own multiple tools for different scenarios you can now have them all in the exact same place. The food grade silicone case will keep all your tools secure, while also displaying the traditional Randy’s Wired Logo! In addition, the dabit card is equipped with a patented grind surface for dry herbs. In conclusion the dabit card will come with everything but the kitchen sink!
Dab Tool - Tools Labeled
Packer — a flat end, perfect for packing vape pens, and a thinner tool end for cleaning and reaching into tough spots.
Scraper — two angled edges that are great for scraping concentrate residue and accessing hard to reach areas.
Spork — a spoon like tip with a hole in the middle for handling larger amounts of concentrate efficiently and allow heat to pass through and a fork that allows easy transfer of large slippery chunks.
Grind Surface — Patented grinding surface that will grind up any dry herb product you have.