Hemp Rolling Papers (Roots)

///Hemp Rolling Papers (Roots)
Hemp Rolling Papers
Roots CMYK
  • Paper Length: 77mm (3.03 inches)
  • 30% Thinner than Randy’s Bleached Papers
  • Made from 100% Natural Hemp
  • Gum is from African Acacia trees, free of additives
  • Wire is 100% USA Stainless Steel


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Product Description:

Roots are Randy’s line of Hemp Papers. Randy’s Roots are made of 100% Hemp, and are 30% thinner than Randy’s Classic Wired Rolling Papers. Roots Hemp Papers still have the classic “Randy’s Wire”, made out of 100% U.S.A Stainless Steel. Gum on the glue strips are derived from African Acacia Trees, and free of additives. Root’s are designed to create a more natural smoking experience for fans of the Randy’s Brand.

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Not intended for nicotine or tobacco use. For use with legal herbs only. BY ORDERING THIS PRODUCT YOU ARE AGREEING THAT YOU ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER