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Here at Randy’s we stand by the quality of our products which is why we offer a 90 day limited warranty on our products. Our Warranty does not cover damages caused by carelessness such as dropping the unit, resulting in a broken mouth piece. We do not warranty coils outside of reason. In addition we do not warranty any of our products that are from marketplace websites such as Amazon or Ebay. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact shorty to get any issue resolved.

Please note that we cannot fill any warranty claim without proof of purchase (receipt) and proof of legal age. 

For Submitting Files please note that it may take a few minutes to upload the pictures.

We also have a file size limit of 3 MB per file. If you are having issues, please email Sales@Randys.com with all of the asked information below. 

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Manuals & Limited Warranty Info

 If you are having an issue with our vaporizers, please review our trouble shooting guidelines before contacting us.


3-In-ONE Personal Vaporizer Limited Warranty

3-In-ONE Personal Vaporizer Manual

TROO Limited Warranty

TROO Manual

TREK Manual

PILOT Manual

Zipp Manual

Zipp Limited Warranty