We at Randy’s stand behind our quality products. If you are having an issue with our vaporizer please review our trouble shooting guidelines before contacting us.

The Randy’s 3 In ONE has a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.

If you are having issues with one of the 3 In ONE components, we can replace select parts if certain criteria is met.

Defective part must be returned within 90 days of receipt date.

Please return to:
Randy’s Warranty
PO Box 1253
Holland, OH 43528

Send us:
1) The defective part. (No need to send the entire unit if it’s only 1 part that is defective).
2) A copy of the receipt
3) A copy of proof of legal age must be included (driver’s license etc.)
4) A note detailing the issue

Warranty reissues usually take 2 to 3 weeks to process.

A: Empty herb chamber and switch on battery, press power button, if coil turns red. it is a good chamber, just need more inhales to burn herbs. 5-6 inhales for coil heatup and have the ablity to burn herbs. Chamber needs be cleaned to expose the coil between load to load of herb. There are cleaning tools in the kit box.
B: Load the chamber with herbs to 2/3 full, connect to battery, should be able to produce smoke within 5-6 inhales.
C: Connect the good chamber to a battery, if it does not turn red, it means the battery is out of juice or bad.
D: DO NOT stick sharp or metal objects into the dry herb chamber! Clean gently with a toothpick or you will damage the coils!