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Frequently Asked Questions About The Chill.

How long does it take for my Chill to fully charge?

A: It will take your Chill about 2-3 hours to charge from dead to fully charged.

How do I know if my Chill is charging?

A: Once your chill is plugged into it’s charger a light will flash indicating that it is charging and at what level the battery is charged to.

Flashing Red Light: Battery Under 30% full

Flashing Green Light: Battery 30% – 70% full

Flashing White Light:Battery above 70% full


How do I know when my Chill has fully charged?

A: Once your Chill is fully charged, the flashing light indication will turn off. 

How do I know if the battery on my Chill is low?

A: If the battery on your Chill is low the device will indicate this with 10 red flashing lights.

Why is my Chill not heating up?

A: There may be a chance that the connection tab on your device has been bent. Please follow the link provided for a video on how to fix this problem:


This is a discontinued product and if issues persist, unfortunately this product is discontinued and not eligible for a warranty claim through Randys.com

Why is my Chill turning off randomly?

A: There may be an internal connection interruption. Unfortunately this product is discontinued and not eligible for a warranty claim through Randys.com

My device showed up damaged or missing components.

A: We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience! Please submit a warranty claim to address this with our warranty team.

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We hope that you found this information as helpful as possible but if you are reaching out in regards to a warranty claim, unfortunetly we can not accept the claim because this product is discontinued.

Thank you for your understanding.