About Randy's:

Randy’s has been an American Owned and American based company since 1975. Originally born out of San Francisco, we moved to the Midwest in the early 2000’s. Our unique papers are USA produced, but we manufacture our various quality products throughout the world.

Meet the Team that Makes Randy’s Possible.

Brian Guru of Randy’s

  • Title: Distributor of Fun
  • Bio: Brian knew from a young age that he wanted to be great. He is a talented musician that has released many studio albums all available on our website. Brian loves Randy’s and puts his heart and soul into every endeavor he enters.
  • Favorite Condiment: Green Sauce from Los Dos Gallos
  • Fun Fact: Brian can cook minute rice in 56 seconds.

Michael W. Marketing & Media

  • Title: Director of Social Media and Marketing
  • Bio: Michael W. is the Director of Marketing for Randy’s. He wears many hats and loves creating content. He absolutely loves CLE sports and creating catalogs.
  • Favorite Season of Game of Thrones: Season 6, obviously “The North Remembers!”
  • Fun Fact: Mike loves to paint pictures of painters who are painting pictures of a picture that was once painted.

Tyler S. Marketing Intern/Hand Model

  • Title: Tyler is the office intern. He makes a really mean pot of coffee and has a pretty feminine set of hands making him the perfect candidate to be our hand model. Tyler also thinks he is tuff, he isn’t.
  • Bio: Whether its coming up a witty social media post, or drafting the design of a magazine advert, Tyler does it all. He runs on Coffee, Rap Music and Terrible Dad Jokes. He really is one of a kind.
  • J. Cole or Young Thug?: Young Thug
  • Fun Fact: Tyler plays Sheldon’s Stunt Double on the Big Bang Theory.

Tony G. Production Manager

  • Title: Production Manager aka The Beard aka The invisible hand aka Smokey aka Big Daddy aka The Greatest aka Tony the OG aka I ran out of cleaver names.
  • Bio: Our Papers are made in the US of A and the man responsible for that? This guy right here. Tony oversees the production of all of our papers and handles the production of it all. Tony enjoys long walks on the beach and watching the sunset.
  • Favorite Musicians: Eminem, Ritz, YelaWolf, Mac Miller.
  • Fun Fact: Tony once challenged a penguin to a staring contest and lost. Horribly, he hasn’t been the same since.

Sales Team:

Jason J. Sales Manager

  • Title: Sale’s Behemoth
  • Bio: Jason loves his job and only cares about making the customer happy. 9/10 Jason will offer to buy you dinner if you close a deal with him. He is known around the world for his culinary skills and his favorite dish to make is his personally fire roasted-corn salsa.
  • Favorite color: The Rainbow.
  • Fun Fact: Jason won the Iowa State Fair’s Prettiest Baby contest back in 1984.

Luke M. Sales Associate

  • Title: Sale’s Titan
  • Bio: Luke is the new kid on the block when it comes to Randy’s. He is really excited to start his career in sales here, so if you get a call from Luke make sure to show him some love! On his first day he wore a pink shirt, so he fits in perfectly here.
  • Celebrity Doppelganger:  Tom Brady
  • Fun Fact: Darth Vader actually isn’t his father. He gets pretty emotional if you mention it, so I wouldn’t..

Shipping & Receiving:

There is a dedicated team that works in the warehouse to make sure all of our shipping, warranty and incoming packages go where they need to go and ensures that they are sorted properly. They are way too busy, so busy I couldn’t even get their pictures. Anyways thanks Nick and others for being awesome dudes. If you ever have an issue, just email: Sales@Randy’s.com and one of these guys will take care of you!

Wait are you still here? Are you reading this still? Awesome well thanks, I worked kinda hard on this part of the website. But I think that it is important that you get to know the awesome people who make the awesome products you know and love so much!

Now that you know about us, Buy some Randy’s!