Loaded Aqua Pilot Bundle

Concentrates Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Aqua Pilot Concentrates Vaporizer (Black or Silver)
  • 1 Dabit Card
  • 1 4×6 Quad Shield (Your choice of color)



Product Description

The Loaded Aqua Pilot Bundle has arrived just in time! This awesome kit includes a Randy’s Aqua Pilot, Randy’s Dabit Card, and a 4×6 inch Quad Hemp Shield. Randy’s Aqua Pilot is a high-tech concentrates vaporizer that comes with a water filtration attachment. The water filtration system will cool down your hits to the perfect temperature! Randy’s Dabit Card has many useful features, which include 3 different dabit tools for your concentrates, a patented grinding surface, and a silicone case that doubles as a tray. In addition, we also include a Quad Hemp Shield (4 x 6 inches) to store all your new Randy’s gear. The Quad Shield comes with two unique pockets to carry all your belongings. An elastic pouch is able to stretch out and fit your vape pens, and the opposite side of the Quad is equipped with a zipper pouch to properly secure all your breakables.

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