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It’s looks like a key, but smokes like a train!

Tired of you roomate always asking to hit your vape? Need to keep your vaporizer on the DL? Well….

Thanks to a revolutionary design and a whole bunch of prototypes we landed on the ultimate keychain vaporizer.. The Prime! 

Spring Loaded Awesomeness!

Do you like Karate Moves? Do you like Springs? Are you a fan of Round house kicks?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are in for a treat with the Randy’s Prime! With one click of a button, the Prime sends the atomizer upward like a round house kick from your favorite 90’s action hero (who’s name we cant say because of copyright reasons).


4 Variable Voltage Settings

4 variable voltage settings ensure that you can tailor you vaping to whatever sitution you are in!

Preheat Setting

With 2 clicks of the power button you can start preheating your cartridge! This is perfect for lowkey hits and thicker oils.

510 Thread Compability

510 Thread is the standard metric for most prefilled cartidges on the market. Never worry if your cartridge will fit or not!

Built in Charger

There is nothing worse than have a full cartridge but an empty battery! With the Prime’s built in charger you will always be ready to charge your device when need be.

Can Hold Large Atomizers

The Prime works with almost any standard 1 mL atomizer! It will also hold most prefilled atomizers on the market!


The Prime is designed to look like a standard car keyfob. This is great so at first glance it looks like a normal key not a super powerful and awesome 510 vaporizer!

4 Variable Voltage Setting

4 Setting For Percise Control of you Vapor!

Our Customers

“The Discreet-ness (Prime) is what initially drew me to this product. Most people who see it will have no idea it’s a vape”

David B.

Prime Owner

“The variable voltage settings allow me to control the vapor produced from my cartridges which is really dope!”

Hillary S.

Gold Prime Owner

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