TREK Glass Dome With Metal

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There are two models of Randy’s Trek. With the Generation 2 model the glass and ceramic dish are not compatible with the Generation 1 version of the Trek. We no longer carry any of the Generation 1 Trek Replacement Parts. It is important that you check the bottom of your dish. If there is 5 Ω on the bottom of your coil, you have a generation 2 Part already. If there is not a 5 Ω you will need to order a generation 2 coil. 

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Randy's TREK Glass Dome With Metal Replacement. The Glass Dome With Metal fits perfectly on your TREK and acts as part of the glass mouthpiece.

Please note that this product will only work on the first generation of the Trek. It will not work on the Trek 2.0. For more information, please email [email protected]

Not intended for nicotine or tobacco use. For use with legal herbs only.