TROO Limited Warranty

TROO Warranty Information

The Randy’s TROO has a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.
Defective part must be returned within 90 days of receipt date.

– You can check the wall charger adapter by trying another wall adapter (this is a common USB to Wall adapter).
– You can check the USB adapter by trying another USB adapter (this is a common USB adapter. Example: Droid phones use the same USB cable).

We do not warranty the product or any parts of the products from careless damage such as dropping the product resulting in a damaged unit or damaged mouth piece.

Replacement parts can be purchased at our store.
We can not replace any unit or part with out a receipt.

Please return to:
Randy’s Warranty
PO Box 1253
Holland, OH 43528

Send us:
1) The defective part. (No need to send the entire unit if it’s only 1 part that is defective).
2) A copy of the receipt
3) A copy of proof of legal age must be included (driver’s license etc.)
4) A note detailing the issue
Warranty reissues usually take 2 to 3 weeks to process.