Randy’s Wholesale

If you are interested in becoming a Randy’s wholesale account, please click the link below and register for an account! If you have any questions or would like a little more information about becoming a Randy’ s Wholesaler please email ( [email protected] ) !

Randy’s started in 1975 with a cult following in the Bay area. The stories of a local rolling paper company that was putting a wire in their papers were passed around (pun intended). Randy’s still carries the wired rolling papers and have been creating loyal customers with a familiar name customers know and can trust over the past 40+ years.

Since day 1 Randy’s sole focus has been manufacturing and delivering innovative smokewares. Randy’s main focus has always been establishing and fostering long term partnerships with retail stores and distributors across the world!

Customer Service is the connecting thread that weaves and joins all aspects of Randy’s together! An example of this would be our warranty process. Although we have an extensive quality control and product testing process, it is possible 1 or 2 bad products will make it through. If you or a customer ever have an issue we make it right! In addition to this, as of 9/1/18 all Randy’s vaporizers come with a 1 year warranty!

What started with the Wired Rolling papers would be just a seed that would grown into what Randy’s is today! Randy’s products have always been rooted in innovation. This paired with a Randy’s ability to fill multiple product gaps in your store is what has allowed us to see so much growth over 42 years. We only put the Randy’s name on products we trust.

Randy’s has been family owned and operated since 1975 and there is just something special that instills. Here at Randy’s we consider ourselves one big family working together to deliver top notch service and products to an industry we are very passionate. We have been cultivating relationships and partnerships that align with that vision over the past 40 years.