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About Us: Randy’s Wired Papers

Randy’s Wired Papers started like all the coolest things, a couple of friends hanging out and relaxing after a long day. The year was 1975 and the location was San Francisco. It was an average Tuesday or maybe it was Thursday, either way, it’s not relevant. But this group of friends was doing what they always did, throwing on some vinyls and rolling their own. They kept running into the same problem. They wanted to make sure they were not wasting money by not being able to burn all of their goods. When their normal papers would get low they would end up burning their fingers. They had tried using clips and other means to bypass this issue, but nothing quite worked the way they wanted. In a true innovative fashion, the idea came into one of their heads, Hey let’s just put a wire in the papers.

Since 1975 we have grown like crazy as a company, but we will always stay TROO to our Roots! We have always prided ourselves on delivering innovative products to our fans. We expanded our Wired Paper line and continue to develop new Vaporizers that are filled with new technology!  Our Randy’s Black Label Cleaner has quickly become a fan favorite and the Best Liquid Cleaner on the market. Make sure to check out everything Randy’s has to offer!


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Meet the Team!

There is an old saying, “It takes a village”. Well that is true for Randy’s as well. We have a family of employees who work nonstop to deliver you the best service and products. From the people who produce the papers, to our marketing department, there is always someone working to make Randy’s better.