Randy’s Mesh Screens – Brass (available in 4 sizes)


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Each pack of Randy’s Mesh Screens comes with 20 individual screens for use in most glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, or wood smoking pieces.

Simply take 1 mesh screen and mold it to fit perfectly within the bottom of the bowl of your favorite piece. Place your favorite dry herb right on top and you are ready to enjoy a debris free smoking experience!

These mesh screens ARE NOT intended for any use with our Randy’s vaporizers. We do however offer additional screens that are designed specifically to fit into each of our vaporizers.

Randy's Mesh Screens are a simple and effective filtration system created with the highest grade of materials available to ensure an elevated smoking experience for any user. Our Mesh Screens guarantee uninterrupted air flow while keeping your precious herb exactly where it belongs. Brass is a reliable material that has been used for decades to get the job done and at a price you can't beat! NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH ANY OF OUR RANDY'S VAPORIZERS