Randy’s SLX Grinder


From: $69.99

  • Patented Non-Stick Coating
  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
  • 55 Razor Sharp Teeth
  • Comes with 2 unique picks/scrappers
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Randy’s SLX Grinder: Product Description

You have been asking, and we have been listening! Randy’s is proud to have SLX Grinders as a new cornerstone in our company. Why SLX you may ask? SLX Grinders come equipped with a super low friction coating, to keep your grinder spinning like new. The high-tech coating on all SLX Grinders is Non-Stick, which in turn means no cleaning! Non-stick coating repels resin build up at the source, allowing for your SLX to continue to take punishment use after use without missing a beat. SLX coating is bonded with the Aerospace-Grade Aluminum at the molecular level, ensuring the highest level of durability. The coating contains zero Teflon or PTRFE and is 100% non-toxic, and FDA approved.

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