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Welcome to Randy’s Question and Answer Portion of the Website that also has our Vaporizer Manuals. We are glad to have you. Before you write in to us about a warranty issue, you should check here to see if the answer to your question is here. If you are looking for answers to questions like boxers or briefs you are on the wrong website. If you are looking to find out if we can deliver Black Label Cleaner to Canada, you are in the right place. Located at the bottom of the page is our Manual section.

General Questions

Vaporizer Questions

1. What vaporizer should I buy?
– We have coded a page that is organized with all of our Vaporizers so you can find the perfect one for you! Click HERE to go to it.
2. How do I change the screen on my Trek or Zipp?
– Inside your mouthpiece there is a metal screen harness, if you rotate it counter clockwise you should be able to remove your screen and replace it. If you are having a hard time rotating the screen harness, you might need to soak your mouthpiece in hot soapy water to loosen up some of the resin that may be impeding the harness from turning.
3. What can I do to prevent my glass mouthpieces from breaking on my Trek or Pilot?
– To help keep your mouthpiece in tact, it is helpful to slightly twist as you remove your mouthpiece. Another thing that may be causing your problem, is sticky or worn out grommets. Sometimes the grommets can start to get a bit dirty and this causes extra pressure inside your mouthpiece.
4. What can I do to prevent my plastic mouthpiece braking on my Troo/Zipp?
– To help keep your mouthpieces from cracking it is important to remove the cap by pressing from back to front. We also recommend letting your device cool down for a few minutes before uncapping it.
5. My Randy’s Pilot is leaking concentrates through the coil?
– The Pilot coil has two holes located on the coil, these holes allow air to flow through the mouthpiece. It is important that you do not overload your Pilot coil with too much concentrates as it may enter these air-holes and then leak into the lower part of the vaporizer. In addition to this, if your concentrates contain more liquidd you should also be cautious to how much you put in the first time.
6. What is the best way to clean the chamber of my vaporizers?
– For Dry Herb Vapes: It is best to clear as much loose debris from the chamber as possible. Once you have it as clear as possible, you should use the included tool to clean up the walls. You can also use a very lightly damp cue tip to scrub the sides, then use a dry cue tip to dry and scrub again.
– For Concentrate Vapes: It is best to clear as much resin as possible. We recommend running the vaporizer through a few heat cycles to burn off any left overs from your concentrates. Then use a lightly damp cue tip to scrub the sides, then use a dry cue tip to hit the sides again.
Do you have any other questions you need answered? Email Media@randys.com and we can get you taken care of and post you question to our site!
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