Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Unfortunately, we cannot ship our Black Label Cleaner to Canada at this time. We do work with an extensive group of Retail stores that carry our Randy’s Black Label! For help locating a store please email [email protected]

Come on, we told you this wasn’t that type of website!

We get this question quite frequently! The best way to become a rep with Randy’s is to purchase a rep package to start. It will contain everything you need to start promoting Randy’s! We’ll definitely hook you up with free gear and other benefits for continuing your efforts of promoting our brand. If you have a large social media following, we’d love to hear from you! Please email [email protected] and we can work something out.

The formula for our Black Label Cleaner is our precious little secret! Unfortunately, we cannot disclose what we use to make this wonderful product.
We absoluetly wish we could send you free stuff! Unfortunately, bossman gets a little upset with us when we give things away. We do, however have giveaways on our Instagram page so make sure you follow us at @RandysWired to stay in the loop!
Great question! Head on over to our contact page here and shoot us an email! We’d love to hear from you!

Vaporizer Questions

That’s hard to say as all of our vaporizers are pretty awesome. We’ve made a page that is organized with all of our vaporizers so you can find the perfect one for you! Click here to go check it out and find your next Randy’s Vaporizer!

If you look inside your mouthpiece you will see a metal screen harness that you can rotate counter clockwise. By rotating the harness, you should be able to remove your screen and replace it. If you are having a hard time rotating the screen harness, you may need to soak your mouthpiece in hot and soapy water to loosen up some of the resin that may be impeding the harness from turning.
In the unfortunate situation your glass has broken, you can simply purchase another one through our online shop here. You should consider buying two just in case you need a backup again in the future! This will also save you on shipping!
To help keep your mouthpiece intact, it is helpful to slightly twist as you remove your mouthpiece. Another thing that may be causing your glass to break is sticky or worn out grommets. Sometimes the grommets can start to get a bit dirty and this causes extra pressure inside your mouthpiece.
To help keep your mouthpiece from cracking, it is important to remove the cap by pressing from back to front. We also recommend letting your device cool down for a few minutes before trying to remove the cap.
The Pilot coil has two holes located on the coil which allow air to flow through the mouthpiece. It is very important that you do not overload your Pilot coil with too much material as it may enter these air holes and then leak into the lower part of the vaporizer. In addition to this, if your material contain more liquid, you should be cautious with how much you put in the first time you use your Pilot.
For Dry Vaporizers: It is best to clear as much loose debris from the chamber as possible. Once you have it as clear as possible, you should use the included tool to clean up the walls. You can also use a SLIGHTLY damp cue tip to scrub the sides, then use a dry cue tip to dry and scrub again. For Con Vaporizers: It is best to clear as much resin as possible. We recommend running the vaporizer through a few heat cycles to burn off anything left over from your cons. After that, use a SLIGHTLY damp cue tip to scrub the sides, then use a dry cue tip to dry and scrub again.

If you click here you will be directed to our warranty page. If you are experiencing a problem with your vaporizer, please submit a warranty request if applicable and one of our warranty specialists will be in touch with you to help diagnose the problem!

We are so sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your product! Unfortunately, returns/exchanges
are only accepted if the products are damaged as a result of shipping from our warehouse. The store
you purchased it from may have a different return policy and we urge you to contact the store you
purchased your items from!

Our vaporizers do not have a set lifespan. It all depends on how long you have had it, how often it is used and how it is cared for. If the battery no longer works, you can purchase replacement batteries for some of our vaporizers (Pilot, Trek, Trek 2.0, Glide, Drift and 3-in-1). If your vaporizer doesn’t have a replaceable battery the entire unit will need to be replaced.

The Drift heats to 385ºF in about 4 seconds but can get as hot at 750ºF in 10 seconds, therefore you have the capability to combust the contents in the chamber. Here’s a YouTube video you can watch regarding the Drift and its different functions –

If you are trying to get your contents to combust, you can hold the button for 8-10 seconds. After that if you release the button and immediately take a full 10 second drag, white hitting the button, the contents will begin to combust. If you would rather have your contents produce vapor, you can simply hit the button for 10 seconds while inhaling. Remember when vaporizing you will not see any smoke, but you will taste it. The Drift has a smaller chamber, so you will have to stir and pack the chamber more often than other vaporizers.

Unless the vaporizer you are using is capable of combustion, you will not see any smoke. You will be able to taste the contents of what’s in the chamber as it vaporizes.

Warranty Questions

Randy’s stands by the quality of our products, which is why we offer a new 1–year limited warranty on all vaporizers. In addition to our new standard limited warranty, we are now offering a limited component-part warranty on all items that came with the vaporizer kit (coil, mouthpiece and glass items). We do not warranty any Randy’s products that are from marketplace websites such as Amazon or eBay and only warranty products purchased from or an authorized Randy’s retailer. Effective on purchases made after September 1st, 2018. For more information about what is covered on by our Randy’s warranty, please visit our Warranty page!

Please head over to our warranty page here. We’ll need you to fill out the form and send us your proof of purchase, a copy of a state issued ID for legal age verification, pictures or videos of the issue you’re having with your vaporizer and your shipping address.
We need to see a copy of a state issued ID for legal age verification. We cannot sell or ship to anyone not of legal age. If you cannot provide us with an ID, we will not be able to move forward with the warranty claim.

In the instance we cannot get a video or our warranty department can’t see the issue in the video we will need to have the vaporizer mailed into our warranty department. The customer will be responsible for shipping it to us.

NOTE: Please do NOT mail us in any used components. If you do and there is nothing wrong with your vaporizer we will not mail back any dirty components and it will be your responsibility to replace them.

Still Need Assistance?

Send an email to us at [email protected] and we can get you taken care of and then post your question to our website!


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