The Charm is Randy’s smallest and most portable vaporizer at only 2.5” tall. This powerful thick oil vaporizer has 3 different voltage settings to accommodate your vaping style; green 3.4v, red 3.7v, and red 4v. It’s open side design also allows for other 510 thread thick oil cartridges to be used. Comes with a detachable lanyard for easy carrying!

Charm Variable Voltage Thick-Oil Vaporizer

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The Randy’s Charm is small in size, standing at 2.5” tall. The small size along with a low voltage setting allows for stealth use when out in public. You can easily palm the Charm battery.


6 available colors & 3 variable voltage settings allows the user to customize how they experience the Charm. The Charm is a high-end fashion accessory.


The size of the Charm, plus the included lanyard, makes this the perfect on-the-go battery. You can easily attach it to a bag or wear it around your neck and always have access to it.


The open face design of the Charm will accept most 510 cartridges & give clear view of remaining oil. In addition, the 510 threading is designed to quickly attach & detach cartridges.


As with all Randy’s products, we only put our name on products that meet our standards of quality. The Charm is made of durable materials & straightforward electronic components.

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