Randy’s Aqua Pilot : Concentrates Vaporizer


From: $79.99

Key Features:

  • Aqua Filtration System
  • Compact Aqua Bubbler Vaporizer
  • Max Temp. of 840 F
  • Two mouthpieces included with purchase of kit

Randy’s Aqua Pilot : Concentrates Vaporizer

This vaporizer comes with a water filtration system, and as a result you will get very smooth hits. The water bubbler attachment features an open top, therefore users can place their products directly into the dish. Randy’s Pilot was a best seller in 2016, and as a result the Aqua Pilot was born. We took all the features that made the Pilot such a popular item, and simply added more. Get the most out of your concentrates by picking up an Aqua Pilot today! This kit also comes with a traditional Pilot glass chamber, in case you want a break from your water attachment.

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