Path Plus – Electronic Nectar Collector

The nectar collector that you’ve come to love, has just gotten better! The Path Plus offers a next level, clog resistant design so that the device can be easily monitored and cleaned to prevent clogging. We’ve also added a new Path to follow when enjoying your Path Plus by including a silicone water pipe adaptor so that you can add water filtration to your session whenever you please. The Path Plus is an absolute must for any concentrate lover.

Battery mAh: 650mAh
Time to charge battery: 1.5 hours
Voltage range: 3.3-4.2v
Time for device to heat up: 10s to temp
Atomizer capacity: 0.7 mL
Resistance: 2ohm
Kit includes: Path Plus Vaporizer, Glass pass through, water pipe adapter kit, usb charger, cleaning brush, instruction manual



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