Randy’s 3-IN-ONE : Multi-Purpose Vaporizer


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Randy’s 3-IN-ONE : Product Description

Randy’s 3-In-One Deluxe is our most diverse, multi-purpose vaporizer on the market. The 3-In-One comes with three different interchangeable chambers, and as a result you will have an attachment for any situation. Buying three separate vaporizers in order to accommodate to your smoking styles can burn quite the hole in your pocket. Save time and money by purchasing the 3-In-One Deluxe, and be ready for any session that may come your way!

Storage for your Randy’s 3-in-One

The Randy’s Go Shield is the perfect storage case for your Randy’s 3-in-One. The net pocket is perfect to hold all 3 of your chambers. The Zipper pocket can easily hold your included tools and chargers. The best part? You can lock it all up to keep unwanted intruders out!

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