• Bottle Opener 510 thread battery!
  • 480mAh battery!
  • Variable Voltage


Variable Voltage Settings

Second Preheat Cycle

mAh Battery

The Ultimate Party Companion!

The Randy’s Slimpop was designed to be the ultimate party companion! We combined a durable bottle opener and a 510 thread battery in a Frankenstein style to make sure that you are always ready for whatever situation you find yourself in! We found that a 480mAh battery was the perfect compromise of size and power! 

Answers to Slimpop Questions:

What voltage setting should I select?

Selecting a voltage section is like picking an ice cream flavor. It may change every time or you could have found your favorite type of ice cream already and know which to choose. For more information about varying levels of voltage, consult you favorite search engines!

Will the Preheat setting work for all Voltage Settings?

Yes! You can use the preheat setting for all 3 voltage settings.

What size cartridges work with the Slimpop?

The Slimpop will work with most 510 thread cartridges on the market.

What colored Slimpop’s are there?

Currently we offer the Slimpop in 2 colors, Black and Silver. We do have plans to expand what colors we make the Slimpop in! Have a suggestion?


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