Variable Voltage Settings

Second Preheat Cycle

mAh Battery

A more connected experience!

Variable Voltage allows any you a closer connection with your Pod or Cartridge and the ability to elevate your experience while using the Tango. Whether you are using a CBD Pod or a Nic-Salt Pod you can tailor the experience to your desires. The same custom experience can be applied to any cartridge used in the Tango.



Best New Product!

Smoke Shop Events UTAH 2019

Debuted at SSE Utah, the Tango proudly won an award for “Best New Product 2019”! SSE is an invitation-only, one-on-one industry tradeshow that take place in private suites.

Answers to Tango Questions:


Can you use a pod & cartridge at the same time?

You cannot use a pod & cartridge at the same time. When designing the Tango, we found that having power going to both a pod & cartridge would cause you to waste the contents of one. So you must remove your cartridge or pod to use the other.

What colored Tango’s are there?

Currently we offer the Tango in 3 colors, Black, Silver and Blue. Since the Tango has been so well received we may expand the line in the future!

Will the Preheat setting work for both Pods & Cartridges?

Yes! You can use the preheat setting for both pods & cartridges.

What voltage setting should I use?

What voltage setting you choose, depends on your preferences. The lower the voltage setting that you choose, the less dense of a vapor that is produced, but you will retain more flavor. The higher the voltage setting, the denser the vapor, with the least flavor retention. Randy’s always recommends starting at the lowest voltage setting & working your way up to find your perfect setting.

What size cartridges work with the Tango?

The Tango will work with most 510 thread cartridges on the market. The Tango includes 2 cartridge adapters, a standard adapter & a short cartridge adapter. The standard adapter will work for most cartridges. The short cartridge adapter is used for .5ml cartridges. 

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